As the Headliner activity get tsnow77 go on at the European Poker Visit (EPT) stop in Barcelona, a considerable lot of you will watch the live stream and thinking exactly the same thing. You’re in good company. Playing in your most memorable enormous live poker competition is the fantasy of millions of poker players all over the planet. The best part is – as you would have seen on PokerStars Blog this week – that fantasy can turn into a reality.

We’ve conversed with online qualifiers all through the celebration who figured out how to transform a limited quantity into a €5,300 Headliner seat, and much of the time even won a full bundle worth more than €10K, including lodging and costs.

Some even proceeded to bring in the cash, transforming what was at that point a little glimpse of heaven into an all out example of overcoming adversity.

However, shouldn’t something be said about the individuals who didn’t cash? Might it be said that they are concealing in their lodgings, crying into their cushions?

A long way from it. As we’ve gained for the current week from PokerStars qualifiers and Group Geniuses the same, since you don’t trade out your most memorable large live competition, it doesn’t mean your excursion – or poker profession – is finished.

Generally speaking, it’s simply the start.

Lex Veldhuis recalls whenever he first went to an EPT. He’d quite recently gotten done with watching Season 1 of the visit’s transmission on Eurosport and felt roused to play, so started up a qualifiers on PokerStars and booked his pass to London and his most memorable large live poker competition.

“It was astounding,” he says. “It seemed like I was seeing all that poker is in a minute manner. There were such countless individuals playing, it was so large, there was such a lot of air, such countless similar individuals who love the game.”

Veldhuis recalls his most memorable EPT

The issue was, as a money game expert at that point, he “didn’t have the foggiest idea what he was doing” when it came to competitions and passed up the money.

“In any case, I thought it was mysterious and I realized I needed to do it more,” Veldhuis says. “My most memorable live experience showed me where I needed to go.”

Your most memorable large live poker competition shouldn’t need to be where you set groundbreaking changes in motion – not very many are. However, in any event you can involve it as a litmus test and sort out whether or not live poker is something you might want to accomplish a greater amount of.

Nicolas Carême, a poker star from Nancy, France whom we met on the grape plantation visit and tasting, is zero for two such a long ways on his EPT trips (having won bundles for both Monte Carlo and Barcelona in 2023).

Could it be said that he is discouraged? Obviously not. He’s content with the manner in which he played, and regardless, still up in the air to continue to qualify and have a profound run now than any time in recent memory. Furthermore, he’s lived it up in Barcelona with his better half.
One of the primary focus points we got from conversing with the PokerStars Group Genius program about their most memorable live poker encounters is that they involved it as a structure block to improve.

Felix “xflixx” Schneiders recollects his first time playing in Quite a while Vegas like it was yesterday. “I thought I’d be squashing, however I got obliterated,” he concedes. “Obviously I was back the following year and squashed it as I’d been chipping away at my game.”

Veldhuis recollects a comparative encounter. “I recollect that I busted with pro lord versus pocket rulers, and at the time I was thinking ‘Might I at some point have away from it?’” he says. “That is a normal new player mindset, taking into account whether you ought to have discarded a beast hand pre-flop since you proceeded to bust with it.






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