Efficiency, Service, Simplicity, and Quick Pay

Amex Hardwood Inc. has specialized in the purchase and transformation of hardwood for over 15 years. Our main species are hard maple, cherry, walnut, and oak. Our logs are mainly coming from Ontario, New Brunswick, and various states in the Northeast United States.

Transporting logs to our mill is a very important aspect of our business. Amex Hardwood Inc. understands the reality and difficulties of carriers in these more unstable times, so we have made ?? every possible effort to accommodate them by simplifying the task in different ways:


  • Efficiency: We manage our own truck dispatching system through a specially designed software created to facilitate our logs transportation ;


  • Service: This tool allows our carriers to access our website and view at any time the list of loads available. You drive your own truck and don’t have internet access? No problem, Amex is taking care of everything. By informing the dispatch ahead of time of your future destinations, he will be able to contact you first if you happen to be nearby an available load ;


  • List of loads available: Every day we send by e-mail or fax, a list of all loads available to all our carriers (if desired) ;


  • Geographical maps and CCI: Amex is providing accurate driving directions along with a geographical map for all loading sites.  We also include a Canadian Custom Invoice already filled out for every load that you pick up for us ;


  • Unloading: Unloading is always free at Amex, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM until Midnight, Friday from de 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM and Saturday from 7:00 AM until Noon.  Always done by a well-trained loader operator with a sophisticated log loader (Liebherr 904)  in a clean and paved log yard ;
  • Quick pay policy: We offer the service of electronic funds transfer in 2 business days after delivery in the currency of your choice (USD or CND). Your payment is transferred directly into your account at no cost to you. You will receive a confirmation from the bank by fax or email ;


  • Billing: You don’t have to send us your freight invoices, we send them ourselves with your “scale” in order to avoid payment delays and to ensure that you will be paid within 2 days of business following the delivery of logs ;
  • Dispatch: Dispatch is available on weekdays from 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM


At split firewood logs, we care about your comments and opinions and encourage you to contact us for more information.

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