Ash is known by many as one of the best hardwoods in the world for firewood. Ash has a relatively low moisture content when green, but still needs to be well seasoned or kiln dried before burning.

Slightly harder to light than Silver Birch, but burns for longer with a bright clean flame.
We take the moisture content in our kiln-dried ash (Dalby Gold) to around 15% to ensure the perfect burn.

When you compare the heat output of kiln dried vs seasoned firewood, along with the price, kiln dried logs are certainly worth it, especially when you consider they won’t cause damage to your stove or flue like most seasoned logs on the market that are above 25% moisture content will over time.

Kiln Dried Ash Firewood

Ash is classified as a hardwood log and has a longer burn duration than Birch and Alder firewood. It gives off a nice big flame and a good heat output. Buy Ash Logs online