Only a couple of months prior, Argentina’s Iván Raich saw live poker exclusively as motivation to travel. He’s a web-based competition genius in terms of professional career – playing on PokerStars as “cristofanell” – and picked his poker objections cautiously, just at times abandoning his PC.

However, starting from the presentation of the Power Way – PokerStars’ interesting new way for players to win their lifestyle choice occasions – his standpoint has changed a bit.He actually considers live poker to be a reason for a vacation, but a serious one. “I don’t go out to the disco or to the bar, no no,” he says. “At the point when I play, I center.”

Yet, presently it’s an occasion he desires to endlessly broaden.

The explanation is that Raich won himself a seat into the Estrellas Poker Visit (ESPT) Headliner, then transformed $11 into $109 and at last $10,300, winning himself a Gold Pass on his absolute first Power Way endeavor.

“Just a single attempt!” he tells me. “Astounding.”

He’s presently spent right around fourteen days in Barcelona for the European Poker Visit (EPT) because of online qualifiers. “This is my number one stop, consistently. I favor Barcelona to Las Vegas. The vast majority I know favor Vegas however I like the ocean side, the food, and it’s a similar language for me.”

Furthermore, in the event that he can qualify once, he’s certain he can rehash it. Also, once more. Also, once more.

“I love to qualify with a bundle,” he says. “You get a decent lodging and cash to spend.”


Iván Raich began playing poker while concentrating on showcasing at college in 2005, during the level of the Cash cow Blast. At the point when he graduated, he went into business and for a very long time shuffled his work existence with poker.

“In 2009 I chose exclusively to play poker,” he says. From that point forward, he’s amassed barely short of $300,000 in live competition profit, the greater part of which came from a second place finish on the Latin America Poker Visit (LAPT) in 2013, really great for $172,568.

He’s won many thousands more on the web, where he plays most of his poker volume. Recently he even made the last table of the lofty Sunday Million, completing in 6th spot for nearly $15,000.

“It was extremely great,” he says. “I generally just play super competitions on the web, that is my strength and inclination. Just on Sundays do I play the long competitions.”

In any case, online poker is waiting for the present.

In the wake of leaving Barcelona Raich plans to qualify online for ESPT Malaga, trailed by some poker in Madrid. Then he desires to book his excursion to EPT Cyprus through Power Way.

“The movement is generally vital to me,” he says. “I never figured I would wind up venturing to the far corners of the planet because of poker.”






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