It’s very nearly a compulsory to be a hockey fan when you’re from Montréal, yet Santiago Plante concedes he possibly truly follows the Canadiens when they make the end of the season games. Not at all like his old neighborhood group, Plante is on a gigantic run – particularly here at EPT Barcelona. He has brought in the cash in every one of his four competition sections.

Plante said it was maybe somewhat amazing for him. He believed he came to Barcelona somewhat ill-equipped, having recently enjoyed some time off from poker. Rather than leveling up his abilities, he’d been re-energizing batteries, generally at live events.

The break was merited after a debilitating summer grind in Las Vegas, where he traded out 16 competitions and made three last tables. Presently he’s taken up where he left out, ensured to gather the greatest award of his vocation.

“Making the broadcast EPT last table is a fanboy’s fantasy,” Plante said. He uncovered that the EPT streams assumed a significant part in igniting his energy for the game. “This is the greatest competition outside the US, and the most recent 10 days here have been loads of tomfoolery,” he added.

Carl Shaw

It wasn’t so much as 10 years prior that Carl Shaw was making the 40-minute drive from his home in Telford to the club of Birmingham to play a £20 purchase in competition. In the years since he’s turned into a competition ordinary and reliable entertainer in Europe and then some, piling up nearly $1.3 million in competition changes out preceding this occasion.

This is Shaw’s most memorable Headliner last table and most profound sudden spike in demand for the EPT, however he’s playing like a man who is thinking correctly at home. Shaw has had the chip lead on various occasions all through this competition and has drifted close to the highest point of the counts since a flood on Day 3.

His solace at the table is all down to encounter in high-pressure minutes. It was 2019 when Shaw delighted in breakout achievement, first setting up a profound spat the Worldwide championship of Poker (WSOP) Headliner, then promptly following it up by winning a wristband in a $5K no restriction hold’em occasion for $606,562, demonstrating he knows how to explore a renowned last table.

Simon Wiciak

A cultivated web-based competition master, Simon Wiciak changed his concentration to the live game somewhat more than a year prior and has exhibited in a predominant showcase at EPT Barcelona that he has the right stuff in this climate as well. He assumed control over the chip lead on Day 4, kept it over the course of Day 5 and heads into the last at the highest point of the six excess.

Wiciak was a promising understudy at secondary school in his local La Rochelle, France, with specific specialization in maths. Be that as it may, he was likewise a gifted footballer and joined an expert game examinations school, where standard scholarly illustrations supplement no less than 10 hours of football preparing each week. He advanced to be chief of the U-19 group and could have gone further, yet picked rather to pull together on his examinations, practicing now in designing.

He had figured out how to play poker with the football crew, wagering sticks of biting gum in different evolving rooms. However, it was while working his most memorable designing position, for a modern gases organization Air Liquide, that he truly tracked down a hunger for the game. He before long observed that he was getting more cash playing poker than in his normal everyday employment and tried the existence of the web-based master out.

He lived in Mauritius and Hungary as he played, becoming companions with large numbers of the main lights of French poker, including EPT last tablists Antoine Saout and Adrien Allain as well as previous champion Jean Montury. After a fruitful summer at the WSOP this year, he is presently dedicated to live poker. This presentation will just polish his standing.

João Sydenstricker

João Sydenstricker began playing poker with companions for peanuts when he was just 12 years of age, normally 5-card draw. In 2009, he found hold’em – and that is the point at which he understood he could get by from the game he used to play for no particular reason.

Sydenstricker’s best outcomes have come lately, remembering a staggering triumph for the Sunday Million on PokerStars – notable as perhaps of the hardest internet based competition. He doesn’t enjoy such a large number of side interests separated from poker, yet he is a poker mentor as well as player, which occupies quite a bit of his time. He expresses used to like football yet couldn’t deal with his nerves during defining moments, so presently he appreciates strolling with his canines.

Sydenstricker says that it is inconceivable to be at an EPT last table – especially close by Andre Akkari, who is one of his venerated images. Having just truly begun playing live poker as of late, he says it is something he has not even longed for yet.

Andre Akkari

The main light of Brazilian poker for over 10 years, Andre Akkari has been crucial in the blast in fame of poker in his nation of origin and keeps on demonstrating the way that he can blend it in with the best. There are currently various Brazilians in the exceptionally highest levels of the world game, and all owe an obligation of appreciation to the PokerStars Envoy from Sao Paulo. He is a notable figure in the Brazilian media, supporting for poker, and has guided endless players as they fabricate their vocations.

Akkari himself keeps on being a colossal ability at the tables, with a specific partiality for Barcelona. He recorded his very first competition cash on European soil here in 2006, and furthermore got his best completion at a PokerStars occasion here in 2017, when he completed fifth in what was then the PokerStars Title. He has traded out no less than one EPT competition in Barcelona consistently for the beyond 10 years (Coronavirus abrogations in any case).

The last option phases of this EPT Headliner have displayed Akkari’s fantastic abilities to survive. He had the most limited pile of each of the 32 players when Day 4 finished and was sixteenth of 16 toward the finish of Day 5. However, Akkari is still there in the last six, with an excellent possibility outperforming the payday that accompanied his Worldwide championship wristband in 2011. In those days, he won $675,117 for triumph in a $1,500 occasion. Anything better than fourth here beats that.

Ezequiel Waigel

A companion acquainted Ezequiel Waigel with poker in 2009, when he was just 18 years of age. In the a long time since, he has advanced consistently into the best 10 on the Argentina cash list, surrounding $2 million in live profit.

Waigel credits the expanded accessibility of online poker material as the impetus for his flood through the positions. He concentrated calmly to work on his game. He is likewise a firm backer for online satellites, and qualified for the Estrellas Headliner at PokerStars, which brought him and a gathering of companions to Barcelona.

Waigel didn’t trade out the record-breaking Estrellas occasion yet won a seat to the EPT Headliner in a live qualifier. Presently in the last six, he will guarantee his third six-figure score – and perhaps more, would it be a good idea for him he win.

Exceptionally among the players actually left, Waigel definitely understands what it seems like to bank 1,000,000 dollar score. As “eze88888” on the web, he won the WCOOP Headliner on PokerStars in 2018, outliving in excess of 5,000 sprinters.






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